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Exfoliation: Chemical Peels

Posted Jan. 24, 2017

The key to younger skin!

Mulberry Hair: Dry Shampoo

Posted Apr. 28, 2017

How Dry Shampoos to make your hair color last longer.

Professional Shampoo & Conditioner: The Insurance Policy for Your Hair

Posted March 3, 2017

Keep your investment fresh, moisturized & beautiful!

Eye Creme: The QUEEN of Anti-Aging Products

Posted Jan. 15, 2017

The most important skin care product anyone can use!

Using Henna in your hair

Posted Jan. 12, 2017

Why you don't want to use henna in your hair!

Tips and Tricks...

Costume Makeup

Posted Oct. 5, 2017

Check out our costume makeup plus inspirational pictures we can do! Or bring ideas of what you want! Call for consultation appt.